Freedom and unlimited interior design possibilities are the most precious values in the art of creation. Let yourself be inspired by interior designs determined by contemporary shapes and innovative solutions complemented by bold colours and textures. The spaces we create are a response to a search for a particular style.

“Decorating a home is one of the most exciting experiences in life.
It’s an extraordinary opportunity for self-expression.”
Janusz Langner, Founder & Managing Partner

The Eclectic Heritage interior blends traces of historical legacy with contemporary design solutions.

An interior inspired by the chic of a Parisian townhouse, where classic French elegance blends with contemporary minimalism.

A contemporary take on the original Memphis style – an interior designed according to the rules of geometry, daring colour combinations and eclectic aesthetics bordering on pop art and art déco.

The Japanese fondness for simplicity and the Scandinavian affinity to nature find common ground in a minimalist, functional space that draws the eye with sophisticated yet homely decorative elements.

Neoclassicism stands for sophisticated and timeless elegance that is a flawless fusion of minimalism with traditional, time-honoured details.

Soft light and minimalist design create space for relaxation and serenity. High-quality materials combined with rich textures translate into unique character of the interior.

Italian minimalist style oozes luxury whilst creating a peaceful space that welcomes relaxation. Subdued shades of beige and grey, tactile high-quality materials along with golden fittings create a truly unique and sophisticated atmosphere.

Expressive terrazzo combined with circle-shaped accessories create a vibrant modern interior.

A purist interior allows you to relax and forget about the everyday hustle and bustle; it creates space for creative thinking. This impressive interior relies on the simplicity of forms, high quality of materials and a muted, modern colour palette.

Light wood, organic shapes and natural materials are the very essence of the classic, Scandinavian style. However, the latest Nordic design is much more expressive, complex and colourful.

A private ZEN-zone in the heart of a bustling city. The avantgarde, bi-colour mixer collection, which combines chrome with a glossy white finish, perfectly complements the bright interior.

A peaceful oasis in a nature-inspired interior. A waterfall of greenery, brown-green stone walls and imposing stone-carved blocks, beautifully complemented by matt black bathroom mixers and accessories.

A modern interpretation of a pastel interior. The strong, geometric forms of the new bathroom mixers and fixtures contrast with the subtle tones of their surroundings.

A minimalist bathroom that is a perfect embodiment of the “less is more” design philosophy. Black mixers and bathroom accessories become strong accents, standing out against austere, stone walls.

A new dimension of classic elegance. The combination of traditional and modern interior design elements offers a truly unique effect.