Soft light and minimalist design create space for relaxation and serenity. High-quality materials combined with rich textures translate into unique character of the interior. The style of the space is defined by CONTOUR fittings. Its anthracite finishing harmonizes perfectly with the warm and natural colors of the bathroom, without disrupting the order and symmetry of the design. The collection delights with perfectly milled details, which enhance both visual and sensual experience. The OVO bathtub and washbasin finished in a matt white perfectly complement the interior. Their satin surface resembles a smooth stone that has been polished by water.


The CONTOUR collection intrigues with its extravagant form with a raw but subtle and elegant character. An austere, architectural design with a distinct milling marvels with the sophisticated combination of textures and perfect workmanship.



The OVO bathtubs and countertop basins represent the essence of perfection and modernity. Their geometric form, based on the shape of two semi-circles connected with horizontal lines, fit in perfectly with the idea of contemporary deisgn. Designed by Paulina Shacalis, OMNIRES Studio.


The TAMPA collection is distinguished by its modern and simple line which gives the structure a minimalist character. The toilet is made of the highest quality ceramic, for people who value high standards and innovative solutions.



MODERN PROJECT accessories collection has a solid clean form and minimalist design. The perfectly defined, circle-based shapes give the collection a timeless and modern look.