In the production process we work only with high quality materials and invest in latest technologies to continuously bring to the market intuitive, durable and environmentally friendly products. 


Głowica ceramiczna

High quality ceramic and thermostatic cartridges ensure smooth and precise water flow control, whilst guaranteeing safety and long term product performance.

Water control

Cartridges with the FLOW CONTROL system allow the user to minimize water consumption by manually restricting the flow of water.

Temperature control

Cartridges with the ANTI-BURN system allow the user to set the maximum temperature of the water, ensuring 100% protection against possible scalding. Solution was developed with children in mind.

Easy Mount

The EASY MOUNT system allows for quick and easy shower enclosure installation. Once the frame is in place, glass panels may be easily clipped onto it. Hole-free profiles also enhance the visual value and are easier to clean.

Eco water

The ECO WATER technological solutions minimise environmental footprint by reducing water consumption by 30-50% without compromising on the overall product experience.

Air Water

Aerators and shower heads with the AIR WATER technology inject air into the water making it soft and pleasant to the touch. Water stream is quiet and consistent, even if any variations in water pressure occur.


Shower heads with the ANTI-SCALE technology incorporate a silicone insert that prevents internal water stagnation, guaranteeing long term product performance. It’s recommended to tilt shower heads regularly so that any stagnant water could flow out through the nozzles.

Easy Clean

Aerators, shower heads, hand showers and jets made with resilient, EASY CLEAN nozzles allow the user to remove any limescale simply through wiping the silicone surface.


Bath and shower mixers for exposed installation incorporate the SAFE TOUCH technology. Mixers' body doesn't get very hot, which eliminates the risk of accidental scalding.

Smart fix

Bath mixers with the integrated SMART FIX system allow for the shower hose to be easily replaced, if desired, without the need to dismount the bath.


OMNIRES Y GOCLICK mixers for concealed installation allow the user to change the water receiver through intuitive, easy to use push buttons. Several water receivers may be selected simultaneously to further enhance the showering experience.

Easy switch

Bath mixers with the EASY SWITCH system allow the user to easily switch water receivers through rotating the spout left or right.

Anchor strong

Shower head arms with the ANCHOR STRONG system are reinforced with expansion bolts. They can easily support large (>30cm wide) shower heads.

Flexi fix

Sliding bars with the FLEXI FIX system allow the user to choose a desired height for the mounted elements. Any existing mounting holes, if these exist, may be easily and precisely matched.

Flexi jet

Body jets with the FLEXI JET system move. Direction of the water flow may be easily adjusted.


The filtration system used in kitchen sink mixers purifies the water by lowering the levels of chlorine and heavy metals and reduces the hardness of the water. The filtered water tastes deliciously fresh and is additionally enriched with potassium.

Lift and clean

Shower bars with the LIFT&CLEAN system may be easily clipped off the wall, which helps to keep them clean.


Kitchen sink mixers incorporate COLD START technology, which means that the water stream for washing hands and dishes opens with cold water by default, saving energy and preventing the unnecessary use of hot water.


Advanced PVD technology utilised to coat brass products guarantees highest possible durability, offers exceptional resistance to damage and facilitates cleaning.


Advanced electroplating technology utilised to coat brass products guarantees durability, offers good resistance to mechanical damage and facilitates cleaning.


Fittings and accessories made of high quality, A-grade brass are characterized by exceptional durability, precise structure and refined finish.


Fittings and accessories made of high quality stainless steel are characterized by exceptional resistance to damage and long term product performance.