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We are passionate about creating great products and experiences – to empower others to live in interiors they feel truly inspired by.


By treating kitchen and bathroom fittings as a form of art, we combine innovation with a zeal for outstanding and conscious design. Good design is not limited to the look of a product. The challenge is finding the perfect balance between form and function to unite aesthetics with reliable functionality – while making all design-related decisions based on the analysis of the entire product life cycle: from the selection of raw materials and production to product disposal.



OMNIRES Studio designers are a team of passionate people who use the design process to experiment with form, colour and texture in order to create products with a brand-new and exceptional character. We also cooperate with other designers whose individual experiences translate into unique design values.

OMNIRES products have found wide acclaim for their inimitable designs and innovative materials and solutions, winning numerous awards such as the Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award, German Design Award, Top Design Award, Must Have and Dobry Wzór.

We believe that our surroundings and the products we interact with have the power to make us feel our best every single day. We engage in a conscious process of creation to ensure excellent designs that reflect our beliefs and satisfy all our needs, both aesthetic and functional.



Our offer includes an extensive range of bathroom and kitchen fittings: from mixers and accessories to baths and basins, as well as solutions for shower and toilet areas. The diversity of designs and finishes gives a wealth of aesthetic choices and helps create unique interiors.

Immediate product availability enables our customers to implement their projects effortlessly and without undue delay.



Our collective responsibility is to strive for sustainable development. Out of concern for the natural environment, we use superior quality raw materials in the manufacture of products. This makes products exceptionally durable so that they can be used for many years and facilitates recycling. We simultaneously implement intuitive solutions to reduce water and energy consumption in both production and during product use by the customer – improving the quality of our lives and maintaining the beauty of life on our planet.


Discover carefully composed OMNIRES x SPOTIFY playlists that artfully stimulate the senses and inspire creativity. Immerse yourself in music to experience the harmony of both body and spirit.

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