In the production process we work only with high quality materials and invest in latest technologies to continuously bring to the market intuitive, durable and environmentally friendly products. 


Silent Power

The SILENT POWER™ flushing technology used in toilet bowls ensures maximum flushing efficiency while using much less water – reducing water consumption by up to 50%.

Silent Power akustyka

The natural water vortex created in toilet bowls designed using the SILENT POWER™ technology allows for very quiet flushing ensuring discretion. ​

Eco Water

Thanks to the flushing technology, the water consumption is minimised.

Bezkołnierzowa konstrukcja

Rimless toilets with a flushing technology that distributes water along the entire perimeter of the bowl, with every flush.

Łatwa w czyszczeniu

Thanks to its rimless form, the toilet is easy to clean.

Deska wolnoopadająca

Soft-close toilet seats enhance user experience. They close discreetly, slowly and quietly.

Deska wypinana

Toilet seats with the clip-off system may be easily lifted off the toilets for cleaning purposes.

Właściwości antybakteryjne

Toilet seats incorporate silver ions with significant antibacterial properties.


Basins, bidets and toilets are made of the highest quality ceramic characterised by good hygienic properties.


Toilet seats are made of high quality, scratch-resistant duroplast.