A purist interior allows you to relax and forget about the everyday hustle and bustle; it creates space for creative thinking. This impressive interior relies on the simplicity of forms, high quality of materials and a muted, modern colour palette that combines warm hues of beige and brown with cool greys.

The geometric silhouette of chrome bathroom fittings perfectly blends with minimalist aesthetics of this timeless, luxurious style. Perfectly crafted sharp angles define the unique character of the mixer.

The THASOS basin is made of the innovative composite material (M+), whose main component is dolomite rock. The material is characterized by exceptional durability, while at the same time allowing for the creation of slender, perfectly refined details. The M+ surface is perfectly smooth and very easy to clean.

The LUGANO collection of bathroom accessories perfectly complements modern interior. A distinctive line and a strong form give the collection its expressive look.


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