An oasis of tranquillity and harmony bathed in soft, warm light. The Japanese fondness for simplicity and the Scandinavian affinity to nature find common ground in a minimalist, functional space that draws the eye with sophisticated yet homely decorative elements. The muted colour palette, naturalness, and restraint combined with a variety of textures create the perfect backdrop for the delicate, elliptical silhouettes of the bath and basin. Their satin white hue is perfectly complemented by rust-coloured wood tones and metallic graphite fittings, whose flawless geometry creates a contrasting accentuation adding a contemporary dimension to the design.


The Y collection thrills with its simple line and an impeccable form which expresses the passion in pursuit for the ideal. The design has been inspired by and based on the shape of a circle. Its timeless and perfectly refined design, created in the spirit of minimalism, offers the maximum of interior design options. Graphite is an intriguing finishing in the shade of metallic grey, with a satin, brushed surface.  


The SHELL M+ collection is characterised by its contemporary elliptical form, softly tapering towards the base. The minimalist body has a lightweight yet solid look, creating an effect of a monolith carved from rock. The design was developed by the Pawlak & Stawarski studio in cooperation with OMNIRES.


The OTTAWA collection is defined by its well-proportioned, organic shape. The toilet and bidet are made of the highest quality ceramic.


The MODERN PROJECT accessories collection has a solid clean form and minimalist design. The perfectly defined, circle-based shapes give the collection a timeless and modern look. 


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