An interior inspired by the ambient cosiness of a man refuge, distilled to its most elegant form. A functional space defined by sophisticated simplicity. The clean lines and restrained form emphasise the nobility of the materials and the perfection of the finish, like a tailor-made suit. With its palette of earthy and dark colours, the bathroom combines an atmosphere of intimacy with a modern, urban feel.

The natural grain of the grey-brown stone harmonises with the smooth concrete floor and the rustic furniture. The avant-garde SLIDE mixers with a graphite finish and geometric OVO basins in a velvety shade of black provide an intriguing accent, while the cool restraint of the fittings is broken by soft streaks of atmospheric light.

Soft streaks of light accentuate the mood of the interior, illuminating the well-selected accessories, like the NELSON collection in a metallic grey finish. Durable, expressive and mature forms combine to create a practical and finely detailed space.


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