soap dispenser

soap dispenser

Code: UN10720/KCR

Finish: chrome (CR)

UNI  |  soap dispenser

Finish: chrome (CR)

Universal form of the product allows it to be easily combined with products from other collections of bathroom accessories.

Chrome is a versatile finishing in a silvery colour, with the perfectly even and lustrous surface.

Fittings and accessories made of high quality stainless steel are characterized by exceptional resistance to damage and long term product performance.

  • wall-mounted
  • brass
  • width: 6 cm, height: 19 cm, distance from the wall: 10 cm
  • capacity: 250 ml
Product data sheet
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Installation and maintenance instructions
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Technical drawing
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Product 3D files (.DWG, .3DS, .IGS, .OBJ, .SKP, .STP)
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