MODERN PROJECT  |  glass shelf

Finish: nickel (NI)

MODERN PROJECT accessories collection has a solid clean form and minimalist design. The perfectly defined, circle-based shapes give the collection a timeless and modern look.

Nickel is an industrial finishing in a silvery colour, with a satin, brushed surface. The product is coated using the advanced PVD technology.

  • brass and tempered safety glass
  • width: 55 cm, height: 4.2 cm, distance from the wall: 14.4 cm
Product data sheet
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Technical drawing
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Installation and maintenance instructions
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Product 3D files (.JPG, .JPG, .3DS, .DWG, .FBX, .OBJ)
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Collection 3D files (.DWG, .3DS, .IGS, .OBJ, .SKP, .STP)
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