countertop basin, 60 x 35 cm


Finish: black lava (BLV)

SHELL M+  |  countertop basin, 60 x 35 cm

Finish: black lava (BLV)

The countertop basin from the OMNIRES SHELL M+ collection is characterised by its contemporary elliptical form, softly tapering towards the base. The minimalist body of the basin has a lightweight yet solid look, creating an effect of a monolith carved from rock. The matching waste cover discreetly conceals the waste without disturbing the basin’s harmoniously contoured shape.

The basin is made of a composite material (M+) whose main component is dolomite rock. The innovative production technology guarantees impeccable execution of every detail while ensuring remarkable durability and resistance.

SHELL basin in black lava has a silky-smooth matt surface in a dramatic shade of black..

Design: Pawlak & Stawarski Studio
Distinctions: Dobry Wzór

Trwałość i stabilność
The product is made of an innovative composite material, M+, which is exceptionally durable, as well as resistant to damage, pressure and extreme temperatures.

Perfekcyjne szczegóły
The material provides highly desirable, precise finishing. Product surface is perfectly smooth and even, and dimensions precisely match the technical drawing (tolerance 0-3 mm).

Wysoka higiena
Perfectly smooth product surface is free from any ruptures of micro openings, where bacteria and germs could grow. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

Satynowa tekstura
The product is very pleasant to the touch. The satin finish resembles a smooth stone that has been polished by water.

Izolacja termiczna
Product surface is warm to the touch. Water maintains its temperature for longer, both maximising the user experience and saving energy.

Izolacja akustyczna
Thanks to its high density, M+ composite provides exceptional acoustic absorption. Sound of the falling water is minimised.

  • length: 60 cm
  • width: 35 cm
  • height: 17 cm
  • no overflow
  • drain cover included
  • basin waste not included (A47CR)
  • capacity: 14 l
  • net weight: 9 kg
  • gross weight: 9,7 kg
  • to mount the basin, you must first cut a hole in the worktop with a diameter of 140 mm
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Pawlak & Stawarski Studio

The OMNIRES SHELL collection is characterised by contemporary elliptical forms, softly tapering towards the base. The minimalist shapes have a lightweight yet solid look, creating an effect of monoliths carved from rock.

The product is made of composite material (M+), which is exceptionally durable and resistant to dirt. Daily care is quick and easy as the surface is free from cracks and micro-craters. Clean the product regularly, preferably after each use, using a soft sponge and a natural cleaning product free from dyes and abrasive or bleaching agents (with a mild dishwashing liquid, for example). For more stubborn dirt, use a 10% citric acid solution with water and leave it for 2–3 minutes. After each clean, rinse the product with plenty of water and wipe dry with a cotton cloth. To maintain a matt surface, polish it once a month with natural body oil. Delicate abrasions on the surface resulting from daily use are a natural effect, which adds depth and authenticity to the product.

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