basin mixer (35 mm cartridge)

Code: FR7110CR

Finish: chrome (CR)

FRESH  |  basin mixer (35 mm cartridge)

Finish: chrome (CR)

The OMNIRES FRESH collection constitutes the essence of minimalism. The design, inspired primarily by architecture, is based on structures with distinctive contours. The collection marvels with precisely defined edges, responsible for its unique, distinctive look.

Made of high grade brass, the mixer is equipped with a superior quality ceramic cartridge. Innovative technological solutions reduce water consumption by 50% while offering comfort and ease of use.

Chrome is a versatile finishing in a silvery colour, with the perfectly even and lustrous surface.

Design: Martin Yong

Ceramiczna głowica
The mixer is equipped with the highest quality ceramic cartridge which ensures smooth and precise water flow control whilst guaranteeing long term product performance.

Flow control
The FLOW CONTROL system allows the user to minimize water consumption by manually restricting the mixer's water flow.

The ANTI-BURN system allows the user to set the maximum temperature of the water, ensuring 100% protection against possible scalding. Solution was developed with children in mind.

Eco water
The ECO WATER technology minimizes environmental footprint by reducing the water consumption by approx. 50%, without compromising on the overall product experience.

Air Water
Thanks to the AIR WATER technology, the water is soft and pleasant to the touch. The stream does not spray and it is quiet and consistent, even if any variations in water pressure occur.

Easy Clean
The EASY CLEAN aerator allows the user to easily remove any limescale build up by simply wiping its silicone surface.

The product is coated using the advanced electroplating technology which guarantees durability, offers good resistance to mechanical damage and facilitates cleaning.

The mixer's body is made of high quality A-grade brass.

  • spout reach: 12 cm
  • water outflow height: 10.7 cm
  • total mixer height: 15.3 cm
  • water-saving aerator (6 l/min.)
  • ceramic cartridge: ø35 mm
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