acrylic shower tray, 80 x 100 cm

Code: CAMDEN80/100/PBP

Finish: gloss white (BP)


CAMDEN  |  acrylic shower tray, 80 x 100 cm

Finish: gloss white (BP)

The OMNIRES CAMDEN acrylic shower tray is extremely durable thanks to its multi-layer stabilizing substrate that makes the entire structure much stiffer, simultaneously offering superb thermal (the tray remains warm) and acoustic (the noise generated by drops of water is reduced by 40%) insulation properties. The drain trap is integrated into the structure of the tray, making its installation much easier (EasyMount). The tray features the CleanShield anti-bacterial coat that improves the product’s hygienic properties and facilitates cleaning.

The shower tray is made using the innovative STABILSOUND technology. Thanks to its reinforced construction, it is durable, stable and resistant to pressure.

Clean Shield
The shower tray is coated with the CLEAN SHIELD technology. An anti-bacterial and anti-allergy coating enhances its hygienic properties, and makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Izolacja termiczna
Thanks to the modern construction and high quality materials, the shower tray keeps its heat for longer.

Izolacja akustyczna
The product effectively muffles the sound of the falling water reducing it by 40%.

Easy Mount
Thanks to the EASY MOUNT system, the shower tray may be installed drill-free; on top of the bathroom floor or flush with the tiles. 

  • side 1: 80 cm
  • side 2: 100 cm
  • height: 12 cm
  • depth: 2.5 cm
  • drain dimension: ø9 cm
  • shower tray with integrated panel
  • shower tray waste not included (choose)
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