The SWITCH collection is the ultimate fusion of style and function – the fittings have an intriguing, expressive design and are a source of crystal-clear water. With its sophisticated detailing and captivating form, the innovative kitchen sink mixer provides two separate water streams – regular and filtered.



The contemporary design of the collection encompasses well-balanced proportions and provides intuitive operation. Cleanly defined details mark the two separate water streams – regular water through the mixer and filtered water from the spout’s tip. These distinctive elements are offset by the minimalist mixer line featuring subtle curves.

My aim was to create a product that provides intuitive access to the highest quality filtered water and combines practical functionality with unconventional design. Our cooperation with the Polish brand DAFI has resulted in a solution that will contribute to the quality of our lives and help care for our planet. This could be seen as another endeavour by us to care for the natural environment.

Paulina Shacalis, OMNIRES Studio



Crystalline purity at your fingertips – simply twist the ribbed ring at the tip of the spout to fill your glass with crystal clear, fresh drinking water. The use of the DAFI filter cartridge, with its activated carbon and resin technology, reduces the content of chlorine and heavy metals while lowering the hardness of the water. The filtered water is enriched with the essential mineral of potassium, which also gives it a great flavour.

The mixer is available as a set with the water filtration system or separately, with a set of versatile connectors allowing it to be installed with any system.



The mixer providing water for washing hands or dishes is fitted with COLD START technology. This means that the mixer opens with cold water by default, which saves energy, prevents the needless use of hot water and eliminates unnecessary CO² emissions. Labelling milled onto the mixer makes use fully intuitive, while the decorative ribbed anti-slip surface ensures that wet hands do not slip away from the mixer’s surface.


The collection’s extensive colour palette allows endless design possibilities and provides a choice of hues to suit any project. The collection is available in ten attractive finishes: brushed brass, gold, brushed gold, copper, brushed copper, matt white, chrome, nickel, graphite, and matt black.

The collection has won German Design Award and Must Have.