In the production process we work only with high quality materials and invest in latest technologies to continuously bring to the market intuitive, durable and environmentally friendly products. 


Trwałość i stabilność

M+ products are characterized by exceptional durability and stability, as well as resistance to damage, pressure and extreme temperatures.

Perfekcyjne szczegóły

M+ material provides highly desirable, precise finishing. Product surface is perfectly smooth and even, and dimensions match technical drawings (tolerance 0-3 mm).

Wysoka higiena

Perfectly smooth M+ surface is free from any ruptures of micro openings, where bacteria and germs could grow. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

Satynowa tekstura

M+ products are pleasant to the touch. The satin finish resembles a smooth stone that has been polished by water.

Izolacja termiczna

M+ composite is warm to the touch. Water maintains its temperature for longer, both maximising the user experience and saving energy.

Izolacja akustyczna

Thanks to its high density, M+ composite provides exceptional acoustic absorption. Sound of the falling water is minimised.