wall-mounted toilet SILENT POWER™ with soft-close seat, 49 x 37 cm


Finish: gloss white (BP)

OTTAWA  |  wall-mounted toilet SILENT POWER™ with soft-close seat, 49 x 37 cm

Finish: gloss white (BP)

OMNIRES OTTAWA rimless toilet is defined by its well-proportioned, organic shape. The gently rounded form is balanced with the soft-close seat's minimalist, precise line. The toilet bowl and the ultramodern seat create a coherent and harmonious design.

The innovative SILENT POWER™ technology, which uses a natural water vortex, guarantees efficient and water-saving flushing of the toilet bowl. A powerful jet of water is ejected from the side of the bowl, and the bowl’s optimally profiled shape sends it in a spiral motion that perfectly cleans its entire inner surface for long-lasting hygiene. The flow of water allows for very quiet flushing offering maximal discretion and efficiency, whilst ustiling up to 50% less water compared to standard solutions.

White gloss is a classic finish with a gleaming surface naturally reflecting the light.

Silent Power
The SILENT POWER™ flushing technology guarantees maximum flushing efficiency while using much less water – reducing water consumption by up to 50%.

Silent Power akustyka
The natural water vortex created in toilet bowls designed using the SILENT POWER™ technology allows for very quiet flushing ensuring discretion. ​

Łatwa w czyszczeniu
Thanks to its rimless form, the toilet is easy to clean.

Właściwości antybakteryjne
The toilet seat incorporates silver ions with significant antibacterial properties.

Deska wolnoopadająca
The soft-close toilet seat closes discreetly, slowly and quietly.

Deska wypinana
Toilet seat with the clip-off system may be easily lifted off the toilet for cleaning purposes.

The toilet is made of the highest quality ceramic characterised by good hygienic properties.

The toilet seat is made of high quality, scratch-resistant duroplast.

5 lat
Miska toaletowa objęta jest gwarancją na okres 5 lat, deska toaletowa na okres 2 lat. Szczegóły warunków gwarancji.

  • finish: white 
  • material (toilet): ceramic
  • material (toilet seat): duroplast
  • length: 49 cm
  • width: 36.5 cm
  • height: 40 cm
  • vortex flush system in technology SILENT POWER™
  • rimless form
  • concealed mounting brackets
  • clip-off system
  • consistent color scheme: white mounting button, white matte rosettes
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